Below is summary information regarding how the Mini-Stars Program is run.  


  • All Mini Stars must be registered Vienna Woods Swim Team swimmers
  • Mini Stars must be members or renters of the club
  • We encourage parents to work together to arrange for drop off, pickup


All children interested in Mini Stars will have to attend a tryout to be assessed and it will be determined if they are eligible to be a Mini Star. 

All children who are planning on being in Mini Stars must be assessed every year so they can be placed into the best instructional group for their ability.  Their groups could possibly change throughout the season as children grow and improve.  If your child has not been assessed, they will need to be evaluated before they attend their first Mini Star session.

There will be multiple assessments before Mini Star practice starts

**If your child does not attend an assessment session, they will not be allowed to participate in Mini Star practice until they have been assessed. If you cannot make any of these assessment times please contact me.
To be in Mini Stars a child must be able to swim the width of the pool at 4ft with a basic freestyle stroke.  

*All children should arrive dressed and ready to warm up.  All Mini Stars need goggles, towels and girls should have their hair pulled back.


Parents may wait for their child in the snack bar area or in the grove.  Please --- no parents on the pool deck during practice.

If you wish to talk with their coaches, please wait until after practice is over.  

If I have concerns about your child’s behavior or level of cooperation, coaches can talk to you after practice.  We will work together to address and correct any issues or concerns.

The children look forward to Craft and Snack on Fridays.  We will have a sign up for parents to volunteer for craft and snack; all parents should sign up for at least one of these. 

Unfortunately, sibling will not be able to participate in craft or snack.  With 60 registered Mini Stars it would be very difficult to plan for any extra children.  The first craft will be prepped and planned by the head coach. 

Each week after, the parents who volunteer will plan a simple craft, purchase and prep the materials.  The cost of the craft project should be inexpensive and kept to around a $1.00 or less per child.
The snack each week is typically donut holes and juice boxes.  Parents who volunteer for snack will purchase these items and will set up and cleanup the snack.  Please provide napkins too.

If your child is going to be out of town, please let me know so I can make instructional decisions.


If your child is going to be invited to swim in a “B” meet Coaches will let you know.  A child will not be able to swim in a “B” meet unless they demonstrate that they can easily swim the 25 meters freestyle or backstroke. 

We want your child to be confident when they swim in a meet and we want swimming in a meet to be a positive experience

*The B-Meet schedule is found on the TEAMUNIFY website site (click on the link on this page) 

Vienna Woods Swim and Dive programs have a long and proud history.  

The swim team has been in the top levels of competition since 1959 swimming in divisions 1,2 or 3 for all but 2 years.

The dive team has seen many divers compete for high schools, colleges and recently in the Olympic Trialsx

Here are LINKS for Swim Team and Dive Info

Here are links of interest for swimmers and divers.

NOTE: You MUST BE A MEMBER OR RENTER to participate in Swim and/or Dive. 

Swim and Dive Teams (mini-stars included) register each season using a system from TEAMUNIFY.

Team Unify is the definitive place for up to date information on the Swim and Dive team.   The Vienna Woods Pool website is for general information.  The Swim and Dive Facebook pages are secondary and - at the top of the Facebook page there is a notification go to the Team Unify page for up to date information.

The TEAMUNIFY website contains all the information about the swim program - including but not limited to:

  • and MORE

NOTE:  You MUST BE A MEMBER OR RENTER to participate in Swim and/or Dive. 

  • $195 per athlete for Swim or Dive ONLY
  • $265 per athlete for COMBINED Swim AND Dive

  • There is a $10 discount for additional family athletes registered in the same online registration session
  • There will be a $10 late fee added to each registration after June 5th


Records & more

Winter Swim 2022-2023 is FULL - Keep your swimmers in the water to maintain stamina, stroke and speed!  Winter swim will be at Oak Marr Rec Center

Sundays from 7:00-8:00pm.

Practice runs from 9/11/2022-05/14/2023.

Registration CLOSED

Registration is limited to 50 swimmers.

Summer Swim and Dive

Winter swim

Vienna Woods Swim and Dive programs as well as Mini-Stars EACH have facebook accounts

These accounts are used during the season for regular updates. 

Please LIKE one of these pages to help you stay up with the latest during the season.